VK35 Aluminum Performance Sailing Yacht        

VK35 - An aesthetic combination of Open 60's performance and aluminum strength.

VK35 sails fast, has remarkable steering and is very stable. The cockpit is spacious and very ergonomic. The motor and the stainless steel folding propeller work well together providing good speed under motoring. Added to all above, the high integrity of the aluminum construction of VK35, develops a strong feeling of reliability and safety.
For the creation of VK35, VK Yacht has used high technology tools such as 3D Modelling and Photorealism, Computer Fluid Dynamics, Marine Calculations, Solid Structural Analysis and CAM. The design work was carried out in Sweden, the parts of VK35 were cut in The Netherlands and the final assembly and welding took place in our associated yard in Gdansk, Poland, that provides top level production facilities together with a long building experience.
The VK35 is an ideal boat for the sailor who wants a reliable aluminum racer/cruiser of high quality to enjoy in the long term.

VK35 videos


VK35 Technical data
Length overall = 10,6m
Length at waterline = 10,45m
Beam overall = 3,5m
Beam at waterline = 2,6m
Depth at midsection = 3,4m
Free board at midsection = 1,3m
Draft = 2,17m
Displacement = 5160kg
Ballast = 1600kg
Engine M3.28 20kW (27.2hp)

Mainsail area = 38.5m2
Genoa area = 36.7m2
Spinnaker area = 110m2
I = 13.6m
J = 4.7m
P = 14.5m
E = 4.7m

Windward balance point at RM30:
   RM30 = 27,6kNm
   Yaw = 5.3 degrees
   V wind = 17.4knots
   V hull = 7.4knots

Water capacity = 170l
Calorifier capacity = 31l
Fuel capacity = 88l
Gray & black capacity = 45l

Boat design category CE: A
Certification: Ocean plus
Design: VK Yacht AB